iOs 14 — Apple are you even serious?

Disclaimer: I am an Apple user, i am a fanboy for their products, i totally worship Steve Jobs’s ability to create user experiences over creating just products.

Now with that load of my chest, here are 4 example features of why apple has lost the plot big time

Widgets: Seriously! Apple. Android introduced widgets around 2008, we now are in 2020. This is touted as 1 of the big features in this release

Remove App screens by long pressing on the screen: Aw Snap! Apple. Is that even worth talking about, i mean the fact that we could not do it till now is itself shameful.

App drawer: Now you made my cry! The fact that there was no “App Drawer” all these years is stupid enough, for you to tout it as a feature today is disgraceful. Before you celebrate mates, the app drawer cannot be customised, because Apple thinks they can only do it, we can’t :)

Compact Phone calls: Before you jump, it’s to fix what anyone normal would consider a serious bug, the damn call screen occupying your 6.4 inch device screen totally when it rings! Nice name to fix a bug :)

Select your default browser and email: Yippee, we can do this mate. Oh well now you can select a web browser other than safari, an email client other than Mail as your default choice. Wait before u rejoice, heard a bug has been found wherein it reverts back to Safari and Mail when you restart your phone :) :)

Seriously, is this the “Apple” that changed the music industry with the iPod or the one that changed a phone from being a pure calling device to a complete eco system with the iPhone.

Take Samsung, known more as a “Mass Market” phone maker, today leads the innovation in the smartphone space. Samsung’s last 3 launches have included a “foldable phone”, an innovative new “Flip phone”, an amazing upgrade to the S-pen supported note. Apple’s last 3 launches have included Tim popping up with the usual “best iPhone ever” statement & ooh’s and aah’s for features that would hardly be worth a mention.

Year after year, i think we would finally wake up from a horrible dream, but all we find is a product that can be called “dinosaur” age. Worstly, this year, they could not even launch the phone (Samsung, Google, One plus have all launched) on time.

Honestly, Apple I am close to done !

I write what my heart says. My work is not based on fiction, but on real experiences